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Monitoring an external tcp service in Elixir

More often than not an application depends on external services, like databases or message brokers. How can we handle failures in those services? In this blog post we’ll look at how to implement a simple health status checker process that will help us surviving those crashes.

November 2015

Using protocols to model data flow

For the last few months I’ve been working on a few Elixir applications receiving inputs from different sources: queuing systems, websockets, database notifications. In this post, we’ll look at one possible way to model the architecture of such an application.

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The Problem of State

This post originally appeared on New Bamboo’s blog.

When we build client-side applications, most of the problems we face are related to state management: what elements on screen need to be in sync with each other, how do we track changes locally and from the server, how do we effectively handle computed properties (like a user’s complete address when it’s composed by separate pieces of data).

What can we do to tame this complexity? In this post we’ll explore some ideas and lay out the basis for a unified strategy.

Prototyping an analytics service with PostgreSQL and Clojure

This post originally appeared on New Bamboo’s blog.

During the last New Bamboo hack day I decided to work on a proof of concept for an analytics service, with the goal of being able to instrument any of our running applications (both server side and client side) and expose the data with a restful api and a web sockets interface (for eventual dashboards, etc.).