We're FullyForged because we build solid software and train competent developers.

We specialize in bespoke web applications and services, solving problems that matter for your business.

We build (and maintain)

  • Elixir applications
  • Single-page JavaScript applications
  • Single-page Elm applications

We teach

  • Basic to intermediate Elixir
  • Elixir in practice: applications with OTP and Phoenix
  • Basic to intermediate JavaScript
  • JavaScript single page applications

Recent projects

Aug 2015


Elixir, OrientDB, Javascript and Elm

Set of services to handle data collection, processing and distribution over WebSockets.

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“Fully Forged's experience and pragmatic approach helped us laying a solid foundation for the next version of our platform.”
Simon Brooks, CEO, MyMeds&Me Ltd

Latest articles

Monitoring an external tcp service in Elixir

January 2016

More often than not an application depends on external services, like databases or message brokers. How can we handle failures in those services? In this blog post we’ll look at how to implement a simple health status checker process that will help us surviving those crashes.

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Phoenix and Elm: tracking the connection status

January 2016

When working with Phoenix channels and Elm it may be useful to keep track of the websockets connection status. In this blog post, we’ll see how this can be accomplished by leveraging interoperability.

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